Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Farm Certification


Demonstrate the responsibility of your aquaculture practices.

As the world’s population increases, the demand for seafood is growing, with per capita consumption doubling over the last 50 years. With some fish stocks already being fished at unsustainable levels, aquaculture is being used to meet global demand. Today, more than half of the fish consumed worldwide comes from aquaculture operations.

The rapid growth of aquaculture, now the world’s fastest growing food production system, has created concerns about the social and environmental impacts of this industry. In response, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council has established a set of international standards that address these issues. SGS is an approved certification body for the ASC standards.

Discover the Benefits of ASC Farm Certification

Fish Farm

Show Your Commitment to Responsible Practices

Minimize environmental impacts and ensure the highest levels of social responsibility.

Seafood Market

Expand Your Market

Meet the requirements of global retailers seeking ASC-certified seafood sources.

The ASC Standards

The current 11 ASC standards are concerned with environmental and social responsibility and cover 17 species groups: abalone, bivalves (clams, mussels, oysters, scallops), flatfish, freshwater trout, pangasius, salmon, seabass, seabream, meagre, seriola and cobia, shrimp, tilapia and tropical marine finfish.

There is also a joint Aquaculture Stewardship Council-Marine Stewardship Council (ASC-MSC) standard for seaweed.

Scope of the ASC Standards



Biodiversity, feed, pollution, diseases, chemical and medicine use and wild seed collection.

Fish Fillet


Child labor, community interactions, indigenous people interactions and equitable working environments.

ASC Farm Certification Process

ASC Certification Process

Chain of Custody Audits

ASC logo 

If a company wants to use the ASC logo on a product harvested on an ASC certified farm, it must undergo a chain of custody audit. This logo assures customers that the company’s products are ASC certified. For more information on chain of custody audits, please contact an SGS expert.

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