Draft Survey Tool

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Ensure accuracy and decrease risk during the draft survey process.

Draft reading is the most critical aspect of the draft survey process. However, traditional methods of draft reading are somewhat subjective and therefore can be unreliable. SGS’s technologically innovative draft survey tool improves on traditional methods by enabling safer and more accurate draft readings. The DST is the only tool on the market that allows inspectors to calculate, with proven accuracy, the weight carried by a vessel. It is accurate even in swell and wind conditions, when traditional draft reading methods are unpredictable.

How does it work?

The DST, patented and used exclusively by SGS, is a digital data acquisition system that follows the same operational principles as a measuring tape. It measures the distance between the water surface and the reference point of the vessel (the freeboard) and uses this measurement to calculate the draft. Unlike traditional, subjective draft reading methods, the DST uses a calibration test to determine error and uncertainty. This allows for greater accuracy and reduced operational risk.


  • Avoids errors in the draft mark reading
  • Ensures accurate mass determination
  • Accurate in swell and wind conditions
  • Increases safety for inspectors
  • Decreases time spent on inspections
  • Reduces operational risk

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