SGS Single Audit Solutions

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Fewer disruptions to your business with SGS Single Audit Solutions, designed for chemical and ingredients manufacturers.

Every disruption to your business matters. Chemical and ingredients manufacturers are especially challenged with understanding and complying with multiple industry-specific standards. Work with SGS to combine audits that save your business time and money.

SGS is the only provider able to offer a comprehensive range of quality, safety, sustainability, social and security services. We work with you across all your compliance needs to build you a customized solution.

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Learn how to enhance business performance with SGS Single Audit Solutions

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Check out the benefits, key standards and drivers for single audits in the chemical & ingredients industry

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Combined audits across industry standards avoid business disruption and save time and money. Working with SGS to create a customized solution can cut audit time by 30% regardless of the standard or risk area.

Performance Assessment

Utilize SGS’s knowledge, experience and global reach to navigate and comply with national and international standards across all key risk areas. Whether through gap assessments, audits and tests, or process design, effective management systems are introduced to ensure continuous improvement and the avoidance of costly failures.

SGS Academy Training

Unlock the full potential of employees through bespoke training options led by seasoned instructional designers. Specific learning objectives are defined, monitored and tracked for continuous personal and professional development.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Effective management of potential risks in the supply chain through assessments, inspection and testing. Supply chain security is examined through audits that will ensure theft, corruption and bribery are minimized and consumer trust is enhanced through increased supply chain visibility.

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