Absorbent Hygiene Product Solutions

Deliver safety, performance and high-quality absorbent hygiene products using SGS solutions.

Constant innovation has created highly competitive markets for absorbent hygiene products. Demonstrable compliance with uncompromising quality, safety and performance methods enables access and ensures your product stands out in global markets.

We provide a comprehensive range of analytical testing solutions for all absorbent hygiene products. Utilizing our global network of industry experts and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, we conduct physical and performance testing, microbiology testing and trace chemicals analysis, as well as biocompatibility, cytotoxicity, biodegradability and packaging migration assessments. We also help with your ongoing quality control planning and risk management.

SGS absorbent hygiene product solutions enable you to:

  • Improve marketability by confirming product performance and safety
  • Benchmark your products against competitors
  • Gain claim substantiation and ad-hoc protocol support

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Baby Hygiene Products

We offer comprehensive testing solutions that support baby hygiene product manufacturers in delivering high-quality, compliant and parent-pleasing products to global markets. Our independent analysis against recognized methods provides verifiable quality control data that helps build consumer confidence in products and drives future innovation. We offer a range of analytical services, including:

  • Absorption before leakage (ABL), skin hydration (ASH & DTSH) and speed of acquisition
  • Closure system
  • Swap tests
  • Breathability and softness testing

We cover all product types, including baby diapers, nappy pants, nursing/underpads and reusable nappies.

Adult Incontinence Products

We provide comprehensive analysis of adult incontinence products, including briefs, bed mats, pants, pads, all-in-ones and products for bedridden patients. Our tests are dedicated to evaluating product functionality, such as:

  • Absorption before leakage (ABL), skin hydration (ASH) and speed of acquisition
  • Closure system
  • Swap tests
  • Breathability and softness testing

We provide in-depth assessment against current regulatory requirements.

Feminine Hygiene Products

We offer the full range of customizable physical and analytical testing solutions for all feminine hygiene products – pads, period panties, reusable hygiene products and tampons.

Our solutions include:

  • Mannequin testing to determine mode of failure when responding to negative consumer feedback or process problems (rewet and leakage detection)
  • Run off efficiency and multiple acquisition time
  • Adhesivity
  • Syngina test, fiber loss, cord and compression strength

We compile all the data to provide ranking appreciation of products.


We offer physical and analytical testing solutions covering the full range of wipe products, including baby, full-service, disinfecting and disposable wipes. Whether you operate in consumer or supplier environments, our experts provide valuable insights that help drive material and product design choices and substantiate advertising claims.

Our network of experts provides:

  • Flushability (GD4)
  • Fiber analysis

We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for INDA/EDANA flushability methods.

Tissue Paper Hygiene

We provide comprehensive physical and analytical testing solutions for a wide range of tissue paper products, including facial tissues, napkins, paper towels and toilet paper. Our experts support you with reliable data, empowering problem solving and sound business decisions including:

  • ISO 12625 standards
  • Softness analysis

Whether you require an ongoing quality control program or assistance with a production or performance issue, we are available to help you understand the composition of your product.

Cotton Products

Our experts provide comprehensive testing solutions for the full range of cotton products, including make-up pads, cotton buds, zig-zag cottons, baby cotton, facial and impregnated pads. Our laboratory tests can help you evaluate:

  • Stick flexibility and strength
  • Absorption and strengths at break
  • Softness
  • Fiber analysis and cotton maturity

Additional services include trace chemical research, clinical tests, usage tests, and microbiology and biodegradability testing.

Why SGS?

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the absorbent hygiene product industry. Wherever you operate in the world, we have the capabilities in place to support product development and successful access to global markets.

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