Amine, Dehydration and Sulphur Recovery Unit Services

Amine Testing

Expert testing, troubleshooting, optimization and training for amine treating, gas dehydration and sulphur recovery operations.

You can count on us. Our experts have the analytical expertise and engineering experience to provide testing, troubleshooting, optimization and training for amine treating, gas dehydration and sulphur recovery units (SRUs). We solve problems holistically, not only treating the symptoms, but also addressing the root cause. Our experts work at your facility as an extension of your team, fostering long-term relationships with your staff to ensure your process’s continued success.

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Our Expertise

Amine Treating

Amine Treating

Analytical and process specialist support for amine treating and sour water stripper systems

Gas Dehydration

Gas Dehydration

Support for comprehensive and high-level dehydration and refrigeration systems

Sulphur Recovery

Sulphur Recovery

Industry-leading process engineering support, troubleshooting and optimization of your SRU

Analytical Insight

Analytical Insight

Our analyses are conducted by professional analytical specialists and chemists trained by industry experts. Our team can test and analyze samples in oil and gas facilities ranging from sulphur units and hydro treaters to natural gas plants and sour water strippers. We can analyze samples immediately in our on-site mobile laboratory or work with your team to ship them back to one of our many regional laboratories.

Technical training

Process Optimization

Our qualified, independent engineering team will evaluate and provide unbiased recommendations for process optimization, equipment evaluations and HAZOP reviews. Our experience with all phases of the unit process allows us to diagnose operational issues and correct them before they require costly interventions due to major shutdowns, failed equipment or unsafe working conditions.

As an impartial third party, we can act as your trusted advisor to confirm contractual compliance and guarantee testing requirements using our own proprietary laboratory equipment and specialized sampling procedures on-site.

Technical Training

Technical Training

A well-trained team is essential for safe, efficient and cost-effective operations. We offer four distinct courses on:

  • Amine Treating & Sour Water Stripping
  • Gas Dehydration
  • Sulphur Recovery
  • Advanced Amine Treating & Sulphur Recovery

Our courses cover everything from basic chemical equations to walk-throughs of real-life case studies. The variety of course offerings allows anyone, from unit operator to tenured engineer, to benefit.

We recognize that everyone has a preferred learning style, so we offer a choice of standard courses that are open to all, on-site plant-specific courses and self-directed computer-based courses

Access on demand

Access on Demand

When it comes to operating an amine or sulphur recovery unit, even the most experienced operators, engineers and managers can find themselves in unusual and unexpected situations.

Our help desk support is equivalent to having the world’s most experienced team of amine treating and sulphur recovery engineers in-house.

With an established technical services agreement (TSA) you have access to our on-demand engineering knowledge and experience, gained through working on hundreds of projects worldwide. The TSA can be customized to suit your needs, specifying for example, a predetermined number of engineering hours, annual performance testing or consulting visits.

Why SGS?


Data You Can Trust

To ensure sample integrity we pull our own samples and analyze them immediately in our mobile laboratory. By validating our data on-site and following rigorous QA/QC guidelines, we ensure accurate analyses to optimize your operating conditions.

Machine Learning

Advanced Engineering Capabilities

Our engineering reports are backed by specialized analytical techniques, decades of experience and vast knowledge of current technologies. We provide in-depth engineering studies and comprehensive problem-solving strategies.

Reduce Cost

Transparent Pricing

Our quoted price is all-inclusive, without hidden costs or extra charges. We charge a daily rate, and our crew will take as many samples as needed, time permitting, without added costs.

With offices worldwide, we can be on your site with very short notice to tackle your operational emergencies as soon as possible.

Years of combined experience

Projects completed

Industry professionals trained

Sulphur Experts Inc.

SGS’s amine treating, gas dehydration and sulphur recovery services are provided by Sulphur Experts Inc. and its divisions, Amine Experts, Dehydration Experts and Sulphur Experts. SGS acquired a majority stake in Sulphur Experts Inc. in 2021.

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