Sunscreen Efficacy Testing

Sunscreen in skin

Give consumers confidence that sunscreen products are safe and offer the advertised level of protection.

Consumers want protection from the sun whether they are surfing or having a picnic. Verifying your product’s sun protection claims and water resistance, under laboratory conditions, builds confidence in your brand.

SPF Determination

Substantiate Sun Protection Factor (SPF), UVAPF protection and broad spectrum claims.

Sunscreen products are regulated in many markets. We offer a variety of testing solutions using international standards to demonstrate the efficacy of your sunscreen products.

Static Testing

Static testing determines the SPF value of your product.

SPF tests:

  • US FDA
  • ISO 24444

UVAPF test:

  • ISO 24442

In-Vitro Testing Critical Wavelength Analysis

Demonstrate your product provides broad spectrum protection:

  • US FDA
  • ISO 24443

Water Resistance Testing

Substantiate claims like ‘Water Resistant’ and ‘Very Water Resistant’:

  • US FDA
  • ISO 16217
  • ISO 18861
  • AS/NZ 2604

Testing involves cycles of water immersion and air-drying, followed by SPF determination.

Why SGS?

As an independent partner, and the world leader in inspection, testing and certification services, we offer turnkey and innovative solutions to help you verify the safety, efficacy and quality of your cosmetics and personal care products.

With our global network of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories and human panel testing sites covering all major markets, we have the capabilities in place to help you successfully access international markets and add value to your brand.

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