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With product safety and security at the top of every government’s priority list, the industry now needs to assure supply chain integrity.

Transparency-One enables your company to discover, analyze and monitor all suppliers, components and facilities from source to store.

Whatever the industry or sector, the Transparency-One platform ensures transparency throughout your supply chain to help you anticipate, avoid and mitigate risks, such as:

  • Uncertified supplier facilities
  • Child labor and forced labor
  • Fraudulent product claims
  • Potential recalls due to quality or safety issues
  • Regulatory non-compliance

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What is SGS Transparency-One?

Is the platform right for me?

The Transparency-One platform covers a full range of consumer products including food, apparel, footwear, and general merchandise.

Supply chain overview

Verify suppliers

We can help you:

  • Verify that your suppliers are fully certified
  • Confirm your suppliers follow up-to-date safety regulations
  • Keep ahead of constantly changing regulations
  • Ensure products meet all relevant regulations

What are the benefits?

Using cutting edge cloud-based technology and our global experience in product testing and certification, Transparency-One allows manufacturers to:

  • Check supplier certification and identify vulnerabilities
  • Build sustainable and ethical supply chains
  • Proactively reduce risk to your brand
  • Enable quick and efficient responses to potential crises
  • Provide customers with up-to-date information
  • Gain consumer loyalty and trust

Why choose SGS?

As a world leader in certification, inspection, testing and verification, SGS offers you:

  • Product experts with extensive market knowledge
  • Supply chain experts
  • Customer care centers in local language
  • Supplier onboarding support in 150 countries, including initial training and guidance
  • Data verification to build trust
  • Support with compliance for new regulations such as the France Due Diligence Act, US Trade Facilitation Act, UK Modern Slavery Act, People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law, etc.
  • Compliance assistance with Product Safety, Environmental, Social & Sustainability best practices and standards
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