WebBeds: Safe Accomodation for Travelers

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WebBeds is the world’s fastest growing and second largest B2B bed bank with over 365,000 hotels, 14,000 destinations and 1,500 staff globally, as well as over 30,000+ directly contracted hotels.


Natalia Fernandez

“Travel and tourism operations are of paramount importance to the world’s economy. Providing safe accommodation, to all of our clients, is very important to us as it results in holidaymakers’ peace of mind as the ultimate customers at the end of the supply chain.

“As a B2B organization, WebBeds’ exposure to travelers is quite limited. However, we work hard to ensure our client distribution network can sell to the end traveler with confidence when it comes to ensuring rigorous safety standards being met by properties in our portfolio.

“Over the past years, SGS has proven to be a strategic partner for us to ensure our accommodation portfolio complies with industry standards with regards to safety, providing an appreciated added value to our clients.

“SGS technical expertise, software tools, capacity, and unrivaled local network have proven to be our most effective tool to assess and manage the safety risks in our vast portfolio.”

Natalie Fernandez, COO Contracting Europe, WebBeds

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