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The travel and hospitality industry undoubtedly has one of the most rapidly changing environments in terms of risk management. Having a central repository of data that enables informed decisions to be made quickly adds value and is definitely strategic for such a competitive industry.


Dominique Sframeli 

In order to streamline all the processes involved in risk management programs, SGS has developed its own IT solution for the travel and hospitality industry: SGS Nubia.

SGS Nubia is an exclusive and unique web based platform specifically developed by and for the travel and hospitality industry, with an understanding of the industry’s challenges and peculiarities.

In the past years, SGS Nubia has become, according to our customers, the most comprehensive and efficient risk management tool available for this industry.

Its strength is the industry-specific functionalities available, which allow both SGS and the customer to monitor risks as they happen and then track all aspects of that risk, from initial identification and planning through closure, with findings identified.

SGS has been working with the hospitality industry for many years and we are continually listening to our customers and learning about industry challenges, so we can upgrade and equip SGS Nubia with functionalities that provide additional added value.

  • Automated planning tool – preparation of a yearly audit program can be hard work when it must be applied to multiple business partners all around the globe. The required audit cycle may need to change, depending on the different supplier characteristics and performance track record. Nubia automatically creates an audit schedule based on our customer’s risk matrix
  • Risk management flexibility - different types of risk management criteria can be applied by SGS Nubia to provide a more flexible and accurate risk evaluation based on the customer profile
  • End-to-end management communications – alerts and notifications can be sent directly by the system, avoiding email exchanges. These can include report submissions, requests and reminders, as well as evidence and can be uploaded and verified directly in SGS Nubia by those who are authorized
  • Intelligent dashboards are provided by the platform, and they can be customized to fit our customers’ individual needs

We are proud of SGS Nubia, and we continue to evolve and develop our tool to always be breaking edge technology, and constantly adapting to the changing needs of the industry.

Dominique Sframeli, Global Product Manager at SGS

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