Risk Management Program

If you are a tourism operator (TO) or operate a bed bank (BB) or online travel agency (OTA), safety is of paramount importance to you. SGS’s Risk Management program will minimize your exposure to risk and ensure the safety not only of your own operations but also those of your suppliers and partners. Take a look at the steps of our health and safety (H&S) audit programs:

Risk Management Program

Risk Matrix

We will help you develop a customized risk matrix, aligned with industry best practice, and define the specific criteria for your operation. This will enable you to:

  • Manage insurance fees
  • Validate risk profiles on a global level
  • Define the frequency and types of assessments required

Risk Assessment Audits

Risk Assessment Audits

We provide a variety of assessment types to cover all your risk management needs:

  • Self assessments
  • Remote virtual assessments
  • On-site comprehensive assessment
  • Assessments to meet specific requirements

Validation and Follow-Up

The SGS Hospitality Center of Excellence ensures quality control during validation and follow-up with:

  • Consistent and homogeneous criteria
  • Maximized data quality
  • Efficient questionnaire completion
  • Improved traceability
  • Support in solving issues

Incident Management

Incident Management

Our local network of experts is available on site, enabling you to support your guests and employees by:

  • Rapidly reacting to incidents and activating local resources
  • Ensuring due diligence
  • Providing onsite help and support

SGS Nubia Software

Our seamless software tool provides a detailed and traceable register of all program tasks and activities. It features:

  • Real-time planning module
  • Unlimited number of users with configurable roles
  • More than 65 audit types, to cover all industry needs
  • Configurable alerts and follow-up traceability
  • Multilanguage platform

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