Maintain Your Certification with SGS Remote Auditing Solutions

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SGS, your compliance partner during this difficult time.

During this global health crisis, we continue to be your compliance partner. As the leader in testing, certification and inspection, we can adapt quickly and efficiently to minimize service disruption for our clients. Our technology and experience allow us to continue our operations, while also providing remote auditing options when necessary.

Global manufacturing and general economic activity have slowed down but not stopped. Numerous sites are still functional, on all continents. We have the proper tools, accreditation and approvals in place to maintain your certifications.

About remote audits

A remote audit is one that is conducted partially, or completely, off site using mobile or desktop applications. The audit will consist of everything that is typically included in an onsite audit. Personnel with responsibilities pertaining to the audit plan will need to be available for their relevant parts of the audit. Top management will also need to be available for relevant parts of the audit, including the opening and closing meetings.

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Remote Auditing Solutions

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How Remote Audits Work

Discover the process your audit will follow.


How remote audits work

Details of your specific audit may vary, but the overall process will likely go as follows:

  • Remote audit planning & assessment of available ICT tools
  • Schedule remote audit
  • Communication with your auditor on logistics and technology details
  • Client to prepare and submit relevant documents
  • Audit occurs
  • Receive audit report
  • Correct any nonconformities
  • Receive certificate (where applicable)

How Remote Audit Works

Getting ready for your remote audit

Prior to the start of your audit, there are a few things you will need to get ready to ensure your auditor has everything he/she might need. Things to consider include:

  • Key Personnel – your designated personnel will need to be available throughout the entire audit. Top leadership should be prepared to be available during the opening and closing meetings, as well as various times throughout the audit if questions arise
  • Documentation – your auditor will likely ask you to email various documents so they can be reviewed remotely, including internal audit records and plans, management meeting minutes and actions, complaints and corrections logs, any core processes documents, etc.
  • Site Availability – some standards and certification may require a site tour. If this is the case for you, be prepared to have someone available to walk the auditor through your facility using a mobile camera or webcam. The details of the technology will be discussed and decided on prior to the start of your audit and production processes
  • Internet Connection – a WIFI connection will be necessary to conduct a remote audit. Make sure to test the application or conferencing system prior to the start of the audit and familiarize yourself with the functionalities. Our Account Management Team can support you if necessary
SGS Next Normal Solutions

Next Normal Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the modern era, posing unforeseen challenges to business continuity. At SGS, we are working hard to meet those challenges and support international efforts to beat COVID-19.

Our experts are responding to the challenges our clients face with innovative solutions to help operations now, to ensure business continuity for the duration of the pandemic, and to support the recovery and evolution through each phase of the ‘next normal’.