Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Analysis

SGS Chemical Testing Laboratory in Hürth, Germany

Outsource your NMR analysis to ensure precise data for quality control, R&D and REACH registration.

Save time and resources by outsourcing your NMR analysis to SGS’s Center of Excellence in Hürth, Germany.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is the interaction of a nucleus with electromagnetic waves in a strong magnetic field to create a spectrum of different signals that identify the functional groups of molecules in a substance.

NMR analysis is a non-invasive, non-destructive analytical technique that uses the information provided by these signals to identify and quantify substances, determine their molecular structure and in some cases, detect impurities. This makes it a valuable tool for:

  • Determining the purity, quantity, identity and structure of substances
  • Identifying and characterizing new products during research and development
  • Controlling quality and meeting requirements for final product certification
  • Identifying or verifying substances for REACH sameness testing
  • Conducting effective failure investigations

Benefits of NMR Analysis Throughout the Product Lifecycle



NMR analysis is a fast, effective method for ensuring the purity, identity and quality of soluble chemical substances in raw materials, intermediates and end products. Therefore, it is very useful for quality control and ensuring compliance with final product certification requirements.

R and D

Research & Development

During R&D, NMR analysis can be used to identify and characterize new products, control chemical reactions and analyze byproducts and impurities. It provides precise data without the need for separation or derivation of chemical compounds.

Reach Registration

REACH Registration

REACH sameness testing requires the confirmation of a substance’s identity. This is usually done by using NMR spectroscopy and chromatography.

Failure Investigation

Failure Investigations

Because NMR analysis can be used to understand reactions and identify impurities, it is useful for failure investigations.

About the Center of Excellence

SGS’s Center of Excellence in Hürth, Germany, offers capabilities and expertise that are unrivaled anywhere else in the world. We use NMR spectroscopy to analyze crop protection products, basic chemicals, phosphorus-containing chemicals, organic reference substances, organic silicone compounds and carbonate-based electrolytes. Our highly trained experts can provide an express analysis on request.

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