Markets Served

Car Oil Sample


Engine, transmissions, and hydraulic systems are at the root of transportation. When SGS considers the transportation market, we include:

  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Fleet (OTR and Utility)

Companies rely on this equipment to run and run well when needed.


SGS is a major provider of OCM services in the Wind industry. With commercial wind turbines costing between $3-$4 million installed, monitoring the condition of the internal components is vital to ensure prolonged reliability.


The average truckload in mining applications is worth approximately $350,000 USD. Downtime can cost upwards of $1M USD in lost revenue per day. While monitoring the oil in the various systems of haul trucks won’t catch every possible truck failure mode, it can certainly capture those vital failure modes which occur in the engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, wheel motors, etc.


From batch processing to continuous throughput, SGS understands the importance of equipment uptime. With data collected from millions of industrial equipment oil samples, SGS has the knowledge and experience to provide end users with key values to determine equipment health.

Transformer Oils

Transformer Oil

With the array of transformer oil capabilities and the footprint of oil testing labs worldwide, SGS is a leader in testing and evaluation expertise with transformer oils. SGS helps customers understand the health of their transformers through in-depth testing and analysis.

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