Precision Agriculture & Fertility Management

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Improve soil productivity, effectiveness and sustainability.

Precision agriculture equips you with the detailed information required to make better decisions and maximize productivity.

At SGS, we can help you to minimize the impact of rising production costs, fluctuating product costs/prices and food security requirements. Our precision agriculture solution provides you with the granular detail that will help you to cut costs, increase production and become more effective.

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Tissue Solutions

Determine nutrient levels, identify requirements, plan fertilizer or foliar feed application.

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Soil Solutions

Improve decision making, choose the best crops, increase growth and quality.

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Water Solutions

Optimize water use with sampling & analysis, moisture and hydroponic system management.

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Agronomy Solutions

Farming strategies, for your fields, devised by an SGS agronomist.

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Farm fields

Precision Farming

Work smarter, not harder, to optimize productivity and maximize crop yields.

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Adding Value

Discover the value that audits, certification and training can add to your business.

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How can SGS help you to optimize your business?

Who is it for?

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Small & Medium Farmers

Affordable technology, economies of scale and a passion for development.

Discover Precision Agriculture

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Commercial Farmers

Scientific data processing, crop rotation & support.

Increase Profitability

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Greenhouse Farmers

Manage fertility and irrigation for better yields and quality.

Improve Yields

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Crop Governing Bodies

Ensure traceability and accountability.

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Input & Supplier Agents

Good information is the key to good business.

Ask Our Advice

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Financiers & Insurers

Inspections, analysis, audits and certification to manage crop risks.

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