Overcome the challenges of the hydrogen value chain – reduce risks, ensure compliance, control costs

Hydrogen is a chemical element that can be burned or used in chemical reactions to provide energy without releasing harmful emissions. It is light, storable and energy dense and produces no direct emissions of pollutants or greenhouse gases. A hydrogen economy provides an opportunity to eliminate the problems associated with fossil fuel economies.

Hydrogen Tank

Our Commitment

Currently, there is a need for hydrogen use to be expanded in sectors where it is almost completely absent, such as transport, buildings and power generation. Most of the G20 countries have developed strategies, which include funding, to accelerate hydrogen development. The reduction in cost, along with a scaling up of technologies, will enable hydrogen to play an important role in creating a clean, secure and affordable energy future.

As a member of Hydrogen Europe, SGS is committed to supporting you throughout the hydrogen value chain. Our solutions will enable you to minimize risks to cost, program, quality and reputation during hydrogen production, storage, transportation and consumption.

Renewable Hydrogen Energy

What We Offer

  • Quality management throughout the supply chain
  • Certification
  • Testing and monitoring
  • Industrial safety services
  • Design review
  • Project management
  • Cost management
  • Commissioning
  • Asset integrity services

Why SGS?

Our experience with hydrogen and renewable energy technologies and projects enables us to develop solutions that meet your specific needs in the evolving hydrogen value chain.

We have supported numerous renewable energy projects for financial institutions, project developers, owners, EPC contractors and equipment manufacturers.

Our hydrogen solutions can be delivered at a global or country level and can focus on a product, a project phase or a specific concern, such as the safe storage of hydrogen.

We recently provided design review and quality inspection services for an electrolyzer system manufactured in East Asia, following the successful pilot of an electrolysis production plant in South Asia. We have also provided leakage and corrosion testing of hydrogen storage tank installations in Northern Europe.

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