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SGS Govmark expands and enhances our fire and flammability testing services.

Accredited fire testing for transportation products, textiles, furniture, wires and cables, amongst others.

Established in 1971, with a 16,000-sq. ft. fire testing facility in Farmingdale, New York, USA, SGS Govmark offers accredited fire testing, as well as physical textile tests, such as abrasion, colorfastness and strength to ensure that products are safe and fit for purpose.

The team’s expertise spans all industries and fields, including aircraft, rail and mass transit, public building contents (curtains, upholstery, wall coverings, etc.) apparel and camping products, wire and cable, protective clothing, and many others.

SGS Govmark adds testing expertise in fire & flammability, textiles, rail & public transport, wire & cables to our portfolio.

The team holds numerous accreditations, and is a member of various trade associations.

Fire & Flammability Testing

Recognized nationally and globally, our fire and flammability testing services are carried out in accordance with standards from ASTM, NFPA, CFR, FAA, ISO, IMO, ACT, CPSC, State fire codes and many more. Our test reports too are accepted worldwide.

The range of products we cover includes:

  • Aircraft: cabin interiors, cargo liners, insulation and seat cushions
  • Apparel – children and adults
  • Automotive interiors
  • Building materials
  • Bus and rail car interiors
  • Cargo liners
  • Carpeting
  • Draperies
  • Protective clothing
  • Mattresses and mattress pads
  • Panel walls
  • Passenger vessel materials
  • Plastics
  • Public transportation (bus and rail car interiors)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tents
  • Textiles
  • TPP value
  • Upholstered furniture and materials
  • Wall coverings
  • Wire and cabling

Contact us for the best fire and flammability testing.

Rail & Public Transport Testing

Well-versed in the major test methods and procedures for fire safe materials as required by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Department of Transportation (DoT), Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Eurorail and international maritime organizations (IMO), our staff will ensure that your materials are tested correctly and to the proper specifications, every time. On completion of testing, all results are held in the utmost confidence. The same holds true for testing in accordance with Airbus and Boeing standards.

Additionally, our laboratory is available at all time to a Designated Engineering Representative (DER) to expedite the submission and approval process for the FAA’s 8110-3 form.

Our capabilities include:

  • CAD design
  • Electromechanical engineering
  • Computer programming – to facilitate customized test configurations

Contact us to verify the fire safety of transportation products.

Textile Testing

Certify textile safety and ensure customer satisfaction with our physical textile testing services. Is your material tough enough? Does it meet industry requirements for strength, wear and colorfastness? Our experts can answer these questions and more.

Our physical tests for textiles include:

  • Strength
  • Abrasion
  • Lightfastness
  • Water resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Dimensional stability

Tests are carried out per the requirements of:

  • ACT (contract furnishings)
  • ASTM D3690 (coated fabrics)
  • ASTM D4157 (porosity)
  • ASTM F 793 (wall coverings)
  • CFFA
  • TCFFA (outdoor furniture materials)
  • Martindale/Taber/Wyzenbeck (abrasion)

Contact us to confirm the properties of your textiles.

Wire & Cable Testing

With dedicated laboratory space facilities, you can be assured of the best fire and flammability testing services. Products are tested in accordance with national and international standards, but we also have the expertise and capability to customize test methods and procedures to your product, markets and bespoke requirements.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • IEEE 383
  • IEEE 1202
  • UL-1685 Section 4
  • UL-1685 Section 12
  • UL-1581 VW1

Additional required tests can be viewed in the Rail & Public Transportation section.

Accreditations & Associations

SGS Govmark testing services has numerous accreditations, and is a member of various trade associations:

Accreditation/Association Details
ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited by A2LA
ISO 9001 Accredited by ABS
Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) Member
City of Los Angeles SGS Govmark is an approved Testing Agency per Municipal Code, section 98.0503 and Information Bulletin PC/BC 2002-05A Part III
Certificate of Fitness Issued by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) permits SGS Govmark to operate legally within the city
Marine Hotel Association (MHA) Member
Certificate of Approval: Flammability Testing Awarded by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
NADCAP Certificate of Accreditation: Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) SGS Govmark has been accredited by NADCAP for flammability testing of non-metallic materials and appears on the QML
Airbus / Boeing / FAA Issued by Nadcap, Airbus, Boeing and FAA
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