Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) Well Testing

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Long Term Production Optimization using MPFM

A client, operating under an offshore PSC in a joint venture with the National Oil Company, wanted to perform production well tests to bridge a data gap and comply with the NOC regulations. 

After an initial trial period, SGS was awarded a two year contract for the provision of portable MPFM well testing. During offshore campaigns, SGS helped the client to not only improve on its performance KPIs, as per local regulations, but also to improve its production and processes using our portable MPFM well testing services. 

Based on the results of the MPFM well testing program throughout the initial contract period, SGS was awarded a five year contract.

This long-term collaboration between the client and SGS has resulted in the client achieving improved production and process performance through access to high quality, reliable well test data.

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SGS Solution

The SGS MPFM Well Test team helped the client to perform:

  • Daily/monthly production well tests
  • Multi-rate tests (choke optimization)
  • Gas lift optimization
  • Debottlenecking/back-pressure solution
  • Pre and post-workover well testing

The key steps in this project included:

  • MPFM equipment and well test data quality assurance through discussion and planning with the client to produce QA/QC SOP and flowchart
  • MPFM daily, monthly and quarterly data quality assessments
  • MPFM data analysis, with the assistance of offshore and onshore crews
  • Training and concise work procedures developed with the client to meet the client’s specific needs and requirements

Client Benefits Delivered

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Well test KPIs, as per National Oil Company regulations, were consistently met

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Improved production output from well test campaigns

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Improved process by identifying back pressure issues using SGS MPFM data

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Better understanding of well behavior through MPFM data analysis over time

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Improved documentation and production database

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