Production Optimization

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Production Optimization Using Data Analytics for a Middle East National Oil Company

A Middle East oil & gas operator wanted to stop production decline across all operations, comprising multiple processing centers, five assets covering several dozen reservoirs and several thousand production and injection wells. The majority of oil production was lifted with ESPs.

The operator had experienced a 200,000 BOPD decline (7%) in one year and wanted assistance to identify root causes, quantify the impact of each and propose solutions.

SGS deployed a team of PTs, subsurface geoscientists and data analysts, who used state of the art software to address issues including:

  • Growing backlog of well workover
  • ESP failure and poor run life
  • Delay in bringing wells into production
  • The need to optimize the rigless work program
Production Optimization
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SGS Solution

SGS assessed the field and successfully integrated and interpreted production, workover and other data to:

  • Complete a root cause analysis
  • Develop integrated solutions
  • Create implementation plans
  • Develop performance improvement metrics and dashboards

The project’s key steps:

  • Data analytics was effectively used to identify issues and quantify their scale
  • Production technologists and other SMEs provided support, focusing on solving identified issues
  • Data visualization was used to prioritize actions and monitor performance
  • Workshops were arranged to drive client team integration, share best practices and speed up implementation

Client Benefits Delivered

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Production decline halted and maintained over 12 month period (>70 million bbl)

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Optimized workover sequence prioritizing high rate wells

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Improved ESP availability and uptime

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Best practice workshop for flowline hook-ups

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Barrel gain program implemented for rigless activities

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