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Francesca Cerchia

Addressing Loose Corporate Targets with the SBTi Net Zero Standard

“The Standard, launched at COP26, tackles slippery net zero definitions, inconsistent approaches and reliance on offsets. External third party verification will provide transparency on annual progress against unambiguous criteria and scope for both short term and long term decarbonization targets across the entire value chain.”

Francesca Cerchia, Global Service Manager – Industries & Environment

Mike Gunningham

The Integrated Approach to Production Enhancement and Asset Integrity

“No matter the state of the energy business, there is always a need to enhance production and reduce costs while maintaining asset integrity. It is important to integrate the operator’s experience and information with data analytics, smart intelligence from subject matter experts and novel ideas, so that together we can develop solutions that deliver value to the customer and help them meet their net zero ambitions in a safe and sustainable manner.”

Mike Gunningham, Principal Production Technologist – SGS Subsurface Consultancy

Elizabeth Yermoshkina

Transition to a More Sustainable Future for Oil & Gas Producers

“The oil & gas industry is transitioning to a more sustainable future by embracing alternative energy sources, actively reducing carbon emissions and addressing ESG compliance. SGS provides oil & gas producers with specialized solutions for subsurface and production associated challenges in the field and laboratory environments. SGS is focused on whole-of-process solutions based on sustainable practices to support our clients’ transitions to a low-carbon future.”

Elizabeth Yermoshkina, Business Development Manager – Integrated Solutions, Upstream Services

Angus Maciver

Working to Deliver Decarbonization Solutions

“As the oil & gas industry moves toward a low carbon future, we’re faced with a new set of challenges and opportunities. At SGS we’re committed to working with our clients to reduce carbon intensity, move forward opportunities for carbon capture and storage, achieve methane abatement goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain. ADIPEC presents an ideal opportunity for us to engage with key players in the industry to discuss how we can deliver the forms of clean energy the world needs in a sustainable manner.”

Angus Maciver, Global Development Manager – CCUS

Tigani Elmahi

Helping Clients Effectively Develop Marginal Fields

“As the oil & gas industry moves toward net zero production, it’s essential that identified reserves can be fully evaluated and brought into production in a cost effective manner. Our early production solutions help clients gather more information about reservoir performance while establishing needed production in a cost effective and sustainable manner. We want to work with existing clients and the wider industry to produce available resources at the lowest possible carbon intensity, building on a number of recent successful projects.”

Tigani Elmahi, Early Production Facilities Manager

Faisal Kolaghassi

Efficient Production and Innovation on the Road to Net Zero

“We are pleased to work with clients in the region delivering services that help near term production targets to be met in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner while at the same time bringing new solutions and capabilities needed on the journey to net zero production. Operating as part of a global organization, we work at the forefront of decarbonization projects in a number of different geographies, which helps us to develop service capabilities that will benefit our clients in the UAE and the surrounding region.”

Faisal Kolaghassi, Global Well Site Services Manager

Matt Snape

Facility Integrity and Continued Safe, Cost Effective Production Using SGS MiRAS

‘’Whether you suspect oilfield souring, are seeing a reduction in injectivity or are experiencing integrity issues, the presence of microbial populations in your oilfield system is most likely causing the issue. Each scenario requires a different approach and, through the application of advanced DNA analysis on fluid or solid samples, we are fully equipped to assess these issues with SGS MiRAS integrated services. From periodic microbial monitoring through corrosion forensics and consulting, our experts have the knowledge and technology to help you protect your oilfield and its facilities.’’

Matt Snape, Principal Consultant – SGS Subsurface Consultancy

João Silva Rodrigues

Enhancing Safety and Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Sector with Innovative Bioscience Technologies

“Innovation in biosciences is happening at an unprecedented rate. With faster, smarter and ever more affordable technologies entering the market there is tremendous value in porting these innovations to the oil & gas sector. At SGS’s Global Biosciences Center, we focus on enhancing the safety and sustainability of our clients’ operations by developing environmental DNA, microbial monitoring, corrosion, souring and bioremediation services.”

João Silva Rodrigues, Head – Global Biosciences Center of Excellence

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