Decarbonization Services

Decarbonize your business to meet energy transition goals.

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What We Offer

SGS can help you complete the steps needed to implement decarbonization within your organization. Our services include energy audits and carbon intensity reduction programs for existing assets, support for carbon capture and storage projects (CCUS), services related to production, transport and the use of hydrogen, and support for the development of renewable energy.

Building on our many years’ experience of implementing mandatory and voluntary climate change schemes, we can validate your project design to ensure that you achieve real, measurable long-term progress. We will verify monitoring systems and data to ensure that measurements of your decarbonization achievements are complete, consistent, comparable, and accurate. Our capabilities include independent verification of carbon footprints and carbon neutrality claims.

Why choose decarbonization services from SGS?

For more than 25 years, we have been delivering decarbonization services, including the implementation of global and country specific verification and certification programs.

We have the expertise to improve the feasibility and assist in the planning and implementation of a wide range of decarbonization activities, including carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) projects, hydrogen development, and renewable energy and carbon intensity reduction initiatives.

Why SGS?

SGS provides innovative services and solutions for every part of the environmental industry. We have a history of successfully executing large scale, complex international projects.

We maintain a presence in every region of the globe, with several hundred experts operating within a network of more than 2600 offices and laboratories worldwide. Our people speak the languages and understand the cultures of local markets, while operating globally in a consistent, reliable and effective manner. We have the resources and the capabilities to respond to you needs, whenever and wherever they occur.

With a reputation for independence, excellence and innovation, we have established ourselves as the market leader in providing services that improve efficiency, reduce risk and deliver a competitive advantage.

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