Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhance hydrocarbon production throughout the life cycle of your asset.

Petroleum production platform in offshore in oil

What We Offer

SGS provides specialist expertise that enables you to enhance hydrocarbon production throughout your asset’s entire life cycle. We combine applied reservoir modeling with advanced laboratory analysis to deliver optimal enhanced oil recovery (EOR) solutions – from EOR screening to pilot design and full field projects. Our extensive experience in reservoir management includes a wide array of project types that involve secondary and tertiary hydrocarbon recovery, including waterflooding, gas (re-)injection, and various EOR techniques.

Why choose EOR solutions from SGS?

We offer technical expertise together with analytical services to provide:

  • Screening and feasibility studies
  • Integrated reservoir studies
  • Pilot design
  • Full field static and dynamic modeling
  • Financial calculations
  • Risk management
  • Health, safety and environment (HSE) studies

Our advanced laboratory analysis includes specialized EOR core flooding experiments that allow us to provide you with unique, tailor made solutions for each individual project.

Why SGS?

With our combination of advanced laboratory analytical capabilities and extensive EOR engineering experience, we can provide you with a range of solutions that includes:

  • EOR screening
  • EOR feasibility studies
  • EOR laboratory investigations
  • EOR model calibration based on laboratory testing results
  • EOR pilot design
  • EOR pilot testing (and monitoring)
  • EOR field level design (HSE, facilities and economics)
  • EOR full field project modeling
  • EOR monitoring

Our subject matter experts understand your operational needs and can harness the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection and analytical testing services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools.

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