Supply Chain Services

Ensure that your vendors and suppliers comply with statutory standards and regulations and project specific requirements.

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What We Offer

Your vendors and suppliers are key to the outcome of your products. Our supply chain services enable you to ensure that their processes meet statutory standards and regulations for quality and integrity as well as your project specific requirements. With our services, you can be sure that equipment and services are delivered in accordance with specified standards and agreed project timelines.

Why choose supply chain services from SGS?

We provide:

Vendor Assessments

SGS undertakes a comprehensive review of the vendor’s ability to deliver against your requirements, assessing current and projected workload and equipment capabilities, material and product control processes and management structure. We verify quality management systems, material handling and storage, workshop facilities, manufacturing techniques and welding and fabrication procedures.

Quality Control Inspections

We perform supervision and verification services and test and inspect materials, structures, components and machines.

Vendor Shop Inspections

SGS conducts inspections at the vendor’s premises, ensuring the quality of workmanship and the conformity of products to specified codes, standards or documents. This service can include witnessing final reception testing.

Pre-shipment Inspections

Before loading, SGS verifies and reports on order conformity, including packing, marking, quantity, documentation and other project specific requirements.

Loading Supervision

We remain present during loading and unloading operations to ensure that goods are correctly presented, properly handled and satisfactorily secured for transport, whether by container, ship or truck.

Acceptance Testing

SGS can provide technical experts to act as client representatives during factory and on-site acceptance testing to ensure equipment is performing in accordance with specified standards.

Expediting Services

We inspect, check and report on supplier progress to ensure that purchased goods are delivered according to a predetermined schedule and timely interventions can be made as needed.

Remote Inspections

SGS offers you the ability to participate in an inspection remotely by using our dedicated remote inspection software application. You and your team are linked by live video and audio to an on-site SGS inspector who will ensure that all on-site inspection actions are completed in accordance with your requirements.

Why SGS?

With a worldwide network of experts and state-of-the art laboratories, SGS has the global reach and technical resources to support your supply chain activities, assess your vendors and suppliers and ensure that they deliver equipment and services as per your requirements, no matter where they are in the world.

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