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BE Engine – SGS Data Solution

To help clients mitigate risks and better allocate resources, we have developed the BE Engine, a proprietary business intelligence tool and methodology. Audit data and information stored in SGS’s database can be analyzed using the BE Engine to identify main operational weaknesses for clients in relation to industry segments, standards and geographical location.

The system also allows SGS to identify operational pain points and organizational exposure to various risks. This data allows us to identify compliance trends, determine risk exposure of clients, and match effective solutions for the pain point discovered. The results from analyzing the data using the BE Engine can then be combined with SGS’s expertise to create tailor-made Business Enhancement solutions.


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Identification of Operational Pain Points & Organizational Risks

BE Engine Solutions

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Performs aggregated analysis on audit performance which provides insights on internal trends.

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Provides an in-depth performance assessment by evaluating your audit performance against various industry benchmarks.

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Uncovers insights from audit data with our technical knowledge to identify pain points and create tailor-made business solutions.

Our Methodology

Data Evolution

Data has always been a vital part of SGS’s primary business strategy and a key operational focus. Today, we have access to a vast body of nonconformity data relating to a wide variety of standards, industries and geographical regions. This data is drawn from certification audits and identifying millions of data points across 39 major industries. We have utilized this dataset to help us understand key industry risks and assist our clients with resolving common pain points.

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