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SGS BunkerPro enables you to mitigate the potential challenges that can arise from the use of unsuitable fuels.

Problematic and off-spec fuel causes a variety of performance-related issues. Fuel testing is crucial for owners and charterers, especially since the introduction of low-sulfur fuels, biofuels and renewable fuels, and global environmental, social, governance, risk management and compliance (ESGRC) initiatives.

SGS BunkerPro utilizes our unique laboratory footprint, industry knowledge and digital technology to provide a personalized quality control program designed for your bunker needs.

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Quality Control Program

Quality Control Program

SGS BunkerPro enables you to:

  • Verify the quality, capability and sustainability of your fuels
  • Ensure compliance with global regulations
  • Identify fuel anomalies quickly and accurately
  • Access quality data in a user-friendly format via our digital platform
  • Gain expert diagnostic suggestions for corrective action and recommendations regarding fuel use

A Rapid and Reliable Fuel Testing Service

A Rapid and Reliable Fuel Testing Service

SGS BunkerPro offers you a local service and global reach:

  • Marine fuels tested to ISO 8217 specifications at the nearest of our global laboratories, reducing turnaround times
  • We cover major bunkering hotspots across four continents, including Panama, Houston, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Fujairah, Singapore and several locations in China

A Global Footprint

Seamless Sampling, from Start to Finish


Vessels crew collects your sample using our pre-packaged sample bottles, labels and seals


They provide the sample to your agent


Your agent returns your samples via courier to the nearest SGS BunkerPro laboratory for analysis


Your results are reported via our client portal

Why SGS?

We offer:

  • Expert testing
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Simple-to-use digital reporting
  • Centralized billing

We are a leader in the bunker fuel industry, providing bunker-related services in over 100 countries globally. Our reliable, committed experts work in independent, state-of-the-art laboratories, strategically located throughout the world’s major bunkering hubs.

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