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Discover the range of services we offer to assure the quality, safety and usability of packaging, from product packaging and protection, to carboard boxes and cartons.

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Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard Boxes

Makes no difference if it’s big or small, if you’re moving to a new home or just storing files for the office, if you’re sending a gift to a friend down the street or on the other side of the world, we offer a wide range of testing, technical assistance, inspection and consultancy services:

  • Product performance testing:
    • Physical characteristics of packaging materials
    • Quality assessment and design evaluation
    • Transport & environmental testing
    • ISTA, UNDOT, ASTM, TAPPI, MIL standards
    • Atmospheric, UV and aging
  • Product safety testing, including:
    • Chemical testing of packaging materials
    • TPCH heavy metals
    • Microbiological and toxicological
    • Medical packaging validation
  • Sustainability services:
    • End-of-life characteristics analysis
    • Degradability, compostability, life cycle analysis
  • Technical assistance – expert assistance, every step of the way
  • Inspection and production control
  • Product and packaging monitoring and quality control

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