Mining & Energy

The world’s natural resources supply the materials and energy we require to build, eat, move, communicate, innovate and stay healthy. We enable exploitation of these resources in a sustainable way with minimal impact to the environment, climate and biodiversity.

Mining & Energy

Sustainable Solutions

At the SGS Global Biosciences Center, we focus on the many ways nature provides a sustainable solution for the most challenging issues.

For instance, microbes have already been used for decades in the processing of copper and gold ores, reducing the need for high-temperature processes, which consume energy. Similarly, microbes, or even plants, may be used to extract much needed rare-earth-elements (REE) from historic mine tailing, whereby reduction of acidic mine effluent may also be mitigated. We can help you extract REEs, which are critical for the energy transition as they are used in batteries, solar panels and windmills.

The Latest Molecular Techniques

We provide a range of new molecular techniques that enable us to venture into the natural microbiome world tied to natural resources. Microbes are more sensitive to minor changes in their environment or nutrient supply than most man-made analytical techniques. Microbiome community structure variations form a means to detect these subtle environmental variations. We help you explore subtle shifts in soil microbial populations that may help in the search for hydrocarbons or even aid mineral exploration.

Reducing Risk in the Energy Supply Chain

Microbes in the subsurface may aid, or pose a risk, to oil production, and carbon and hydrogen storage. Within the energy supply chain in particular, fuel storage is at risk of microbial contaminations, which may cause degradation or filter blockage. The transition to biofuels is an additional risk, due to its increased hydrophobic characteristics. We help you to understand (subsurface) microbiomes and their effect on current and future energy supplies.