Transportation & Supply Chains

Mobility is one of major challenges of the 21st century as the world embraces the energy transition. At the same time, consumers demand transparency in supply chains and want to understand the origin of the products they buy.

Transportation & Supply

Supporting the Transition to Alternative Fuels

As demand for electric cars increases, other sectors are looking at biofuels and hydrogen to replace fossil fuels. Biofuels can be generated via microbial processes which can be simulated at the SGS Global Biosciences Center. We can also help you to understand the detrimental effects that microbes pose on long-term biofuel storage.

Shipping Sector

Within the shipping sector, we are deeply involved in ballast water treatment compliance testing. The intake and purging of ballast water tanks are a significant risk to ecosystems, facilitating the transport of invasive species. On other parts of vessels, rapid health checks can ensure passengers remain safe and healthy during transit, which is particularly critical for the cruise industry.

Supply Chains

The movement of goods poses a threat by introducing invasive species or pathogens. The necessary phytosanitary checks benefit from molecular DNA technologies, which can be more accurate and inclusive compared to some of the visual techniques currently used. Where fraud or illegal trade is influencing consumer trust or brand reputation, products can be marked by synthetic DNA markers.

The SGS Global Biosciences Center evaluates these technologies and focusses on product tracking via the natural DNA present in many natural products, such as wood, wool and leather. DNA-based product tracking can help to battle fraud, trafficking, theft and counterfeiting.

Facilitating the Circular Economy

Many products are still difficult to recycle via chemical or mechanic processes. In some instances, microbial processes offer selective uptake of certain elements. This may allow recovery of rare-earth elements from electronics or lithium from batteries. Also, the degradation of certain plastics or other persistent materials may be possible via microbial processes.

We offer the microbe and molecular (DNA) based technologies that play an important role at the beginning, during and at the end of your supply chains.

A Range of Services for Transportation and Supply Chains

Our transportation and supply chain services include:

  • Product tracking via synthetic DNA
  • Support of fuel microbiology projects
  • Support of rapid ballast water and vessel testing programs
  • Commodity tracking via natural DNA
  • Microbial recycling