SGS GAP Medical Cannabis Certification

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Ensure that medical cannabis has been produced in accordance with guidelines for Good Agricultural Practice.

The use of cannabis for medical purposes is becoming more prevalent. This increasing use has resulted in growing concern among consumers about the quality and safety of medical cannabis.

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), a leading cause of adverse events related to the use of herbal medicines, including cannabis, is poor quality control. SGS Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) for Medical Cannabis certification helps to ensure the quality of medical cannabis by verifying the use of GAP from primary production, through processing and transportation.

What is GAP?

Good agricultural practice consists of the practices used during agricultural production, from planning and harvesting to packaging and transportation that are implemented to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of consumers and workers and to protect the environment.

Basis of Certification

SGS GAP Cannabis certification is based on:

  • World Health Organization (WHO) Geneva 2003 guidelines on good agricultural and collection practice (GACP) for medicinal plants
  • Global standards for good agricultural practices
  • Canadian Government Cannabis Regulations SOR/2018-44


SGS GAP Cannabis Certification covers agricultural practice from harvesting to post harvest, for both open and indoor crops. This includes:

  • Soil, water, substrate and fertilizer management
  • Occupational health and safety management
  • Integrated pest management
  • Management and application of plant protection products
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Handling of harvest, post-harvest and transportation products
  • Waste and contaminant management
  • Environmental management
  • Quality management

SGS GAP Medical Cannabis Mark

The SGS Good Agricultural Practice Medical Cannabis Mark demonstrates that a medical cannabis product has met the requirements for SGS GAP certification. Customers can be assured that products carrying the mark were produced using safe and sustainable methods, with reduced risk of harm to consumers, workers or the environment.

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