Due Diligence & Security Assessments

Driving Security and Due Diligence Throughout Business Practices

As global supply chains continue to evolve, brands experience increased risks in security and poor chain of custody practices. To help our clients navigate these areas, we provide a range of security and due diligence audits to meet various industry needs.

Security Audits

All CTPAT partners must provide specific security measures and action plans to align the security throughout their supply chain. This ensures they will be considered low-risk and will be granted a range of benefits, including shorter wait times at the US border. We have developed a scored assessment checklist to help your company improve its security practices.

Due Diligence

From raw materials to retail shelves, brands and retailers in many industries are facing pressure to demonstrate their compliance with conflict minerals requirements. For several years, we have been verifying chain of custody systems for a variety of different industries, including paper/wood products, sustainable fisheries and conflict minerals.

We help you:

  • Remain compliant to legal requirements
  • Benefit from our experience of collaborating with industry peers towards avoiding audit redundancy and standardizing the industry approach
  • Improve security practices and reduce vulnerabilities
  • Protect the integrity of your cargo
  • Expedite turnaround times at customs
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Due Diligence & Security Assessment Infographic

Learn about our due diligence and security assessment services.

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Types of Due Diligence & Security Assessments

Industry Initiatives

  • Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN)
  • Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI)
  • Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody (RJC COC)

Client-Specific Protocols

Client’s Proprietary compliance program - We can conduct assessments based on your proprietary methodology and tools.

SGS Checklist

  • On-Site: Facility Security Assessment (FSA)
  • Remote: Facility Security Assessment (FSA)

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