SGS Secured Document

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Trace and authenticate your digital documents.

Trade is growing ever more complex and trust is increasingly vital as technologies evolve. All players are looking for more protection and more efficiency in the digital age. This is why SGS launches SGS Secured Document – Blockchain registration gives you secure access to a document’s history, enabling you to verify and authenticate its true origin.

SGS Secured Document

To guard against fraud and falsification, we created SGS Secured Document to offer you:

  • A guarantee that documents can be trusted – once an SGS expert signs a document, each of their activities is registered real-time on the Secured Document platform
  • An audit trail for your documents
  • The ability to authenticate a document, using blockchain technology, thereby ensuring the origin of the document

Trakk - Powered by Komgo

With unique experience in the banking and trading ecosystem, Komgo has developed Trakk to support commodity supply chain transactions. Trakk is a tool which helps you to manage operational risk by raising alerts and detecting potential fraud. It provides a secure network to stamp, trace and authenticate digital documents. This process builds a unique and immutable audit trail behind each document.

Using Blockchain Technology

As we understand the importance of transactional documents, we want to give you confidence that SGS documents are reliable and can be trusted. For this, we now use blockchain technology. Put simply, blockchain provides unique stamped and encrypted transaction records from every linked computer so that the data cannot be changed. This offers a system that is fraud-proof, confidential and accessible.