SGS Smart Warehouse

Animal Feeds

Minimize losses of grains, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities in storage.

Heat and moisture can threaten agricultural products, such as grains and oilseeds, during storage by speeding up the development of insects and microorganisms and by causing premature or unseasonal grain germination.

SGS can help reduce your risk. Our Smart Warehouse solution uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels remotely, so you can detect potential spoilage at a very early stage and take immediate action.

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Animal Feed Storage

What is SGS Smart Warehouse?

Smart Warehouse is an innovative solution that combines hardware equipment with an online platform to let you visualize and monitor the condition of stored commodities. It uses sensors to keep track of relative humidity, temperature and CO2 levels. Key grain quality data is delivered via an intuitive dashboard with customized alarm detection. This provides you with an efficient and affordable way to ensure the value of your stored products.

Animal Feed Equipment

How does it work?

Sensors that monitor relative humidity, temperature and CO2 levels are placed at different levels, up to six meters deep, within a stockpile of goods. These parameters are monitored 24/7, with the CO2 sensor system allowing for the detection of potential spoilage at a very early stage. Data can be retrieved via the dashboard, providing you with ongoing updates on the condition of your commodities.

If maximum moisture, temperature or CO2 levels are exceeded, based on thresholds that you choose, you are notified immediately.

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How does it reduce risk?

By continuously providing you with accurate insights on grain quality, Smart Warehouse enables you to take targeted steps to safeguard your stock. It lets you know when it is time to fumigate, move, release or process cargo in order to avoid huge deteriorations in quality and severe, expensive losses. It can differentiate areas in the stockpile by condition, allowing you to reduce costs by focusing only on affected areas.

SGS Smart Warehouse can monitor multiple areas of the same pile, delivering the localized data essential for safeguarding the entire stored commodity.


Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Stay up-to-date on the condition of your goods.

Configurable Alerts

Configurable Alerts

Take immediate action to safeguard your cargo when necessary.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Reduce the risk of degradation and deterioration in quality.

Evgenia Patkova, Cargill’s Country Supply Chain Lead for Bulgaria

“Smart Warehouse helps us to control and prevent any issues before goods are shipped to our customers. It provides us with crucial visibility into our commodities at all times and we rely on the insights it provides on a daily basis.”

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