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Evaluate and mitigate your supply chain risk

Supply chain resilience is more important than ever before. Supply chains are becoming more complex, with companies sourcing supplies from around the globe as they seek to retain supplier optionality while ensuring business continuity. As a result, companies need effective ways to evaluate and manage supplier risk. The SGS Transparency-One solution can help to evaluate and mitigate such supply chain risks.

The Importance of Responsible Supply Chains

eighty-one percent

of consumers must trust a brand


sixty-six percent

of consumers think transparency is a brand's most attractive quality

sixty-four percent

of consumers would stop buying from a brand after one poor ethical issue

How can the SGS Transparency-One solution help?

Application Form


Collect and validate all Tier 1 Supplier data on topics such as safety, quality and sustainability using our Supplier Self Assessment questionnaires.

Risk Evaluation


Monitor the risk potential of your Tier 1 suppliers, identify areas of risk and corrective procedures, and use KPIs to map progress toward improving your supply chain.

Intelligence Graph


Supplier performance data is centrally stored and can be reviewed to gain insights on supply chain dynamics, allow competive benchmarking and identify areas of improvement.


  • Consistent approach to defining supplier risk
  • Reduced lead times for procurement events
  • Higher quality supplier data
  • Single source for all supplier information
  • Access to wider supplier base
  • Content based on global expertise, best practice and input from multiple sources

Supply Chain Risk Evaluation Process


Supplier Onboarding


Risk Evaluation



Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire and High Risk Supplier Onsite Audit

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