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Digitizing supplier risk management

The digitization of supply chain data is essential for meeting the growing demands of global markets. Digitization creates increased visibility, greater efficiency and better risk management. SGS Transparency-One help businesses meet these demands, providing them solutions that support their commitments to transparency, sustainability, safety and compliance.

With Transparency-One, companies can use real-time data to discover, monitor, analyze and reduce risk from suppliers and facilities in their supply chain. Using cutting edge cloud based technology and our global experience in supplier evaluation and certification, SGS Transparency-One helps organizations continually drive performance improvement.

SGS Transparency-One offers:

  • Verify supplier compliance  with a single dashboard
  • Benchmark suppliers to identify potential risk exposure
  • Identify tailored training requirements based upon supplier compliance
  • Track and monitor the onboarding process of all suppliers
  • Evaluate gaps in compliance and improve supplier communication
  • Identify target regions to improve supplier engagement

Transparency-One Capabilities

Global reach

Global reach, local supplier support

Access to the SGS global network, providing local supplier support around the world.

Subject matter expert

Subject matter expertise

With 89,000 employees operating across multiple sectors, SGS can provide the right subject matter expertise for your industry and specific program needs.

Compliance Scope

Scope – broad coverage of risk areas

With our broad scope of services, we can provide regulatory, legislative and country specific compliance across your supply chain.

Risk Profiling

Client specific risk evaluation and customization of content

By establishing strategic partnerships with our clients, we can tailor our risk profiling content to your specific needs.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supplier and buyer data analytics

Through a series of powerful dashboards, and customisable data points, supplier and supply chain analytics are available at your fingertips.


Best in Class IT and global leader in data verification and support

Through our technology partners, our customers have access to a state of the art, blockchain enabled platform.

Supplier Data and Analytics Reporting

Supplier Risk Benchmarking

Supplier Risk Benchmarking

A single dashboard makes it easy to check supplier compliance.

Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding

Track and monitor the supplier onboarding process, evaluate gaps in compliance and improve supplier communication.

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