Sustainable Real Estate

Enabling sustainability, safety and compliance for every aspect of your real estate operations.



The real estate sector faces a number of major challenges, including meeting regulatory and environmental obligations and maintaining asset value.

SGS is a leading global technical service provider for the real estate sector. Our innovative solutions help you to achieve your carbon-neutral goals, adopt new regulations and reduce environmental risks, while ensuring safety, health and wellbeing, and maintaining the value of your buildings.

Our Approach

Supporting every step of your journey towards more sustainable real estate operations with a greener, smarter, safer approach

Green and Smart at Scale

The future of real estate demands a greener, smarter approach not only for high-value buildings, but also for complete building portfolios. We provide solutions at scale, allowing you to focus on building portfolio strategies that address changing regulations, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) reporting, financial requirements and market trends.

Move Towards a Circular Economy

When undertaking new construction, refurbishment or demolition projects, the transition towards an optimized flow of materials, land and water usage, and energy and waste minimization requires a high level of support and innovation. We support material suppliers, construction companies, engineering firms, developers and building owners to realize new opportunities arising from the move towards a circular economy.

Safer and Healthier Environments

We help building owners and operators, product and material manufacturers, and developers to ensure a healthy building environment, focused on air, water, noise, lighting, dust and cleanliness. Innovative monitoring solutions paired with our global testing capabilities enable you to achieve a healthy environment for employees and customers.

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SGS Real Estate Solutions Brochure

SGS Real Estate Solutions Brochure

Enabling sustainable, safe, compliant and more interconnected real estate.

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Green Buildings Through EDGE Certification

Green buildings through EDGE certification for net zero transition.

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