Camacol: Greener & Smarter – At Scale

By Sandra Forero, President – CEO, Camacol


Sandra Forero


Green Buildings are one of the strategic pillars of our trade organization. Under our Biocasa Program and EDGE Certification, we encourage the sustainable development of companies, their social and environmental responsibility, and the urban green growth of cities. Our approach is to contribute to the well-being of Colombians.

As a national representative of the construction industry in Colombia, we started a partnership with SGS in 2018 to provide EDGE Green Building certification to the Colombian market, which is boosted by financial and governmental incentives across Colombia.

In the past three years, we have audited and certified over 3 million m² of offices, hospitals, education facilities, hotels, retail facilities, warehouses and residential projects, including over 30,000 home units. Our partnership with SGS evolved throughout the years, allowing us to address market trends and support construction companies with new and innovative solutions.

We appreciate the innovative spirit, proactivity and commitment of SGS in providing solutions in the construction sector.



Camacol is a trade association whose principal goal is to represent and articulate the value chain of the construction industry, boosting the competitive development and progress of Colombia. With more than 1,700 affiliates in 19 offices around the country, it clusters different business models, such as construction companies, industrial companies (construction supplies), commercial companies, financial institutions and public services companies.