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Phuong Nguyen

Accelerating Green Retrofit Globally at Scale

“The focus in the construction sector is building new green buildings but, for many regions, the biggest problem is the existing building stock. There are tens of thousands of existing buildings across Asia and around the world that need to be retrofitted to meet net zero carbon.”

Phuong Nguyen, SBU Manager I&E, EDGE Manager, SGS, Asia

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agnes schuurmans

The Eye-Catching Perspective of the Circular Economy in Construction

“Moving towards circular construction is an obvious policy step towards combating climate change and resource-dependency. It also offers an eye-catching perspective on the economic value of construction and materials, smarter and better designs and new business models from which the whole value chain can benefit.”

Agnes Schuurmans, Manager Business Development Sustainability

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harry fernau

EDGE paves the path to zero carbon in Europe

“As more attention is placed on the built environment, companies will need solutions to implement green buildings at scale and to provide third-party verified proof that they are meeting their net zero commitments. There is no doubt that EDGE has a big role to play in making the vision of a carbon neutral Europe a reality.”

Harry Fernau, Global Market Manager – Real Estate Solutions

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Ben Temmings

Buildings in Transition

“In today’s property market we are seeing less top real estate for sale in top locations. So we are receiving more and more requests for transition management for buildings where a lot of refurbishment or construction work is required.”

Ben Temming, Technical Manager

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andres nieto

Building and Operating Data Centres: A Real Estate Perspective

“The Information Technology industry is facing not only the challenge of meeting increased computational requirements, but Data Centre real estate needs to keep up with the increased regulatory framework and high operational standards while also leading on sustainability given the energy intensive nature of their operations.”

Andres F. Nieto, Global Market Manager – Industrial Real Estate

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Benjamin Van de Auwera

Successful Real Estate in Africa

“Growing a successful real estate business in Africa includes many challenges, such as land plot issues and deviations from project forecasts. Providing a safety net to building users, tenants, investors and protecting them against relative adversity of the environment has become a key success criterion on the market.”

Benjamin Van der Auwera, Global Market Manager – Real Estate Development

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