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We provide the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection, testing, certification and advisory services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools.

Improve the safety of building operations

Our innovative monitoring solutions and global network of experts and laboratories help you to ensure a safe environment and healthy indoor spaces, technical building systems and building envelopes during new construction, building operation, maintenance and refurbishment.

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Increase the health and wellbeing of building users

Health and wellbeing are the basis for a long, productive and fruitful life, comprising physical health, psychological and emotional stability, and social engagement. We support you to provide a healthy environment for tenants, visitors, students and employees.

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Support sustainable and circular construction

Our global network of building material and environmental laboratories and construction experts help material manufacturers, building developers and construction companies and building owners to implement sustainable new construction and refurbishment strategies.

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Grow sustainable building portfolios

Today’s buildings generate 39 percent of energy related GHG emissions from operational and embodied carbon. Our team of sustainability, green building and building material experts enable a transition to a zero-carbon building portfolios at scale.

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Transition to smart, connected buildings

Combining connectivity, digital infrastructure and technology with future building trends allows us to create buildings and cities which are set for future generations. We help you to take advantage of the true value of digital transformation.

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Simplify compliance with regulatory obligations

Real estate compliance encompasses the sets of regulations that govern properties and their components, and regulations are increasing every year. We help you stay on top of the regulations, which is key to managing a successful real estate portfolio with assets in different locations.

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