Grow sustainable building portfolios

Our Market Solutions feature services we provide at scale across multiple geographical regions, unlocking unique value for your business operations. Our global network of experts and laboratories provide additional services, enabling you to follow international and local market trends while complying with regulatory obligations.

Services for Building Owners

EDGE Certification of Building Portfolios

Operating globally in over 200 countries as global partner for IFC, we can support you to scale up the greening of your building portfolios of new buildings, existing buildings and building refurbishment projects. We enable you to:

  • Access green financing for portfolio refurbishments and investments
  • Quantifiably certify operational saving opportunities
  • Continue your journey towards net-zero carbon with EDGE Zero Carbon certification

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory and Emissions Verification

Our services consider all aspects of your business’s approach to GHG and can be used by companies and operations of all sizes – from SMEs to large global conglomerates across all industry segments. We enable you to:

  • Develop a verifiable organizational or product carbon footprint
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities via the development of low-carbon business strategies and a GHG emissions’ reduction roadmap

Services for Building Handover/Acquisition

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Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is an essential part of real estate transactions at scale. We ensure a standardized, efficient and fast process with quantifiable risk validation. We enable you to:

  • Quantify risks of your Real Estate transactions
  • Implement a standardized Due Diligence process across the world
  • Realize fast and efficient risk validation at scale

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Environmental Due Diligence

Our field and monitoring and laboratory testing services assist you or your consultants with their Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments. This helps you to make strategic business decisions by identifying potential environmental liabilities prior to purchasing new properties. Our sampling and testing capabilities enable you to:

  • Determine a site’s true value by identifying contamination risks
  • Examine the potential for legal civil damages
  • Take advantage of SGS’s network of field technicians and laboratories for in-depth investigations


Our portfolio of EHS solutions is different in North America. For a detailed listing of EHS services, please visit