Transition to smart, connected buildings

Our Market Solutions feature services we provide at scale across multiple geographical regions, unlocking unique value for your business operations. Our global network of experts and laboratories provide additional services, enabling you to follow international and local market trends while complying with regulatory obligations.


SGS AirSense

We provide real-time monitoring for indoor air quality with a comprehensive reporting package and visual display solutions for your marketing activities of residential and commercial buildings. We enable you to:

  • Promote monitored indoor air quality internally and externally
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Increase visitor attendance

SmartSense device

SGS SmartSense

Our SmartSense solutions provide continuous monitoring with live view reports, data visualization and automated sample capture for industrial, residential and commercial buildings. We enable you to:

  • Identify air quality issues in real time at high risk areas of your site
  • Perform precise air sampling with our automated sampling solution
  • Improve reaction times of outdoor air quality issues

man wearing VR glasses

BIM Training

Understand BIM methodology and learn how to identify the right tools and techniques suitable for your BIM processes with our specialized training. Our courses are available in Spanish and English. We enable you to:

  • Successfully implement BIM technology in your organization
  • Prepare your team as specialized professionals for BIM execution
  • Adapt to BIM related tender requirements

woman with futuristic tablet

Independent Audit of BIM Models

We help you ensure compliant modelling against your BIM requirements by independently verifying the consistency and completeness of information from all contractors. We enable you to:

  • Ensure quality, effectiveness and completeness of work by implementing auditing processes of BIM models
  • Ensure that BIM models are suitable for future workflows
  • Ensure compliant BIM management throughout your complex project


Our portfolio of EHS solutions is different in North America. For a detailed listing of EHS services, please visit