Third Generation GMO Screening

Highly sensitive testing to ensure compliance with GMO regulations worldwide.

In most countries, labeling of GMO or bioengineered products is mandatory. However, the threshold for labeling differs from country to country.  This means that if you wish to distribute your food products globally, you require a quantitative and highly sensitive test to determine whether the GMO content of your product falls within each country’s threshold.

SGS can help.

Introducing GMO Screening and Quantification with Digital PCR

We have developed and validated a new testing approach based on droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) to screen for GMOs in your food and feed samples. This third generation test solves most of the problems posed by real time PCR.

We already perform this test in our facilities, and it will soon be available for sale as a kit.

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Why choose ddPCR?

While real-time PCR has previously been considered the gold standard for food and feed analysis, its quantitative results are less accurate for low target amounts. With ddPCR, you can improve accuracy and quantification of GMOs, even in low amounts. In addition, food and feed samples are very complex and contain many PCR inhibitors. ddPCR is less prone to the effects of inhibitors.


What We Offer

SGS is a pioneer in solutions for the food industry, with innovative services to protect from fraud and ensure safety. Our laboratory in Lisbon specializes in DNA-based methods.

In addition to ddPCR, we offer next generation sequencing (NGS) and other DNA-based solutions to ensure safety, authenticity and traceability. With our “All Species ID test” we can analyze samples from all over the world. 

To complement our testing services, we provide key account management and data management and reporting.

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Technology and Innovation – SGS DigiComply

Our DigiComply software solution allows you to stay up to date with the different GMO standards of countries around the world. For example, Europe sets the threshold for GMOs in food and feed ingredients at 0.9 percent, while the threshold for GMO contamination is 5% in the US. SGS DigiComply uses AI based technology to enable you to understand the global regulatory framework, so you can predict risk and maintain compliance with each country’s requirements, while accessing support from SGS experts.

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Why SGS?

SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. With customized service and rapid turnaround times, we will help to ensure the success of your project, delivering outstanding value every step of the way.

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