Safety of Absorbent Hygiene Products - Testing for Trace Chemicals

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A growing cause for concern 

Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHPs) touch our most sensitive body parts and yet most of us do not think about the chemicals they could contain.

Consumers want reassurance that the products they use are safe. The identification of the presence of trace chemicals in AHPs means regulatory authorities and consumers are now taking a closer look at what is in diapers, feminine hygiene products and incontinence products.

SGS has worked closely with other stakeholders to ensure it has the latest testing solutions in place to help manufacturers supply safe, performant, and regulatorily compliant products to their customers all over the world.

Trace Chemical in Absorbent Hygiene Products: 2 SGS Approaches

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Harsh Extraction

Intrinsic quantification

Useful for long-term monitoring

Can be used as a worst-case analysis for further toxicological assessments


  • Sampling materials
  • Extraction by organic solvent or digestion
  • Analytical measurements


  • Does not reflect real-life usage

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EDANA NWSP 360 Series

Good combination of realistic conditions and deployable techniques to ensure the safety of AHPs while considering of all the elements of practicality, repeatability and reproducibility

Useful for toxicological assessment


  • Milled product or material (all sizes)
  • Urine simulant extraction (1/50 wetting ratio)
  • Incubation at body temperature
  • Filtration
  • Aqueous based analytical measurements

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Safety of Absorbent Hygiene Products – Testing for Trace Chemicals

Comparing trace chemicals methods in absorbent hygiene products.

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Additional services

Whatever substances are detected above our quantification limits, SGS can assist with toxicological expertise on request to assess the exposure, calculate the safety margins and write a report to conclude on the safety of the product.

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