Urine Simulant ANSES Scenario 2.2

For several years, publications in consumer magazine highlighted the presence of chemicals in baby diapers.

As there are no specific regulation for baby diapers in France and Europe and in order to address concerns related to the presence of these substances, French authorities assigned ANSES1 to evaluate the safety of baby diapers by bringing toxicological aspects into the discussion in relation with user concerns. To do this, ANSES1 commissioned the SCL2 to rapidly develop a “refined” simulating method. SGS laboratories have the capability to apply this method since 2019. This method is mainly used by the DGCCRF3 for regular mystery controls in France.

Baby walking with diapers

Relevant Tests and Steps

  • Impregnation of 600mL of Urine simulant
  • Incubation step: 37°C during 16 hours
  • Pressing to recover urine simulant
  • Aqueous extract and filtration
  • Monitoring of chemicals in baby diapers: analytical technics related to the following analytes:
    • List of parameters which have threshold values defined in the revised ANSES1 Note: PAHs, formaldehyde, dioxins and PCBs-DL, phthalates
    • Additional parameters (conclusion according to our LOQs): allergens, organic volatile compounds, pesticides based on OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, glyphosate/AMPA, propylene oxide and furan, organo-tins, AP/APEO, EOX/AOX

Application Range

Finished products:

  • Method validated on Baby diapers Size 3 only (with urine simulant 600mL and diaper 40g)

Target and Limits

According to the revised ANSES1 note (N°2019-SA-0076) dated March 2020, the 3rd.

Added Value

Method is used by DGCCRF3 for their controls.


  • No correction factor (rewet)
  • No standardized simulating pressure
  • Few achievable LOQs
  • Size three diapers only


1 ANSES: National agency of food, environment and work health security (France).

2 SCL: The common laboratory service. French state laboratory of the economic and financial ministries, it carries out analyzes for the General Directorate of Customs and Fraud Control especially.

3 DGCCRF: General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (France).

Additional services

Whatever substances are detected above our quantification limits, SGS can assist with toxicological expertise on request to assess the exposure, calculate the safety margins and write a report to conclude on the safety of the product.

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