Manufacturing plant

Manufacturing Business Continuity Module

Our Manufacturing Business Continuity Module provides a holistic assessment of your organization’s readiness to restart operations after COVID-19. Specifically developed for the manufacturing sector, this module provides a comprehensive service that checks the physical controls and documented arrangements of a business and its readiness to restart operations. Combining a unique solution of swab testing, inspections and management systems, this module provides an end-to-end service to maximize efficiency and minimize future disruptions.

Benefit to Your Organization:

COVID19 Recovery Solutions Reform

Scope of Service

  • An assessment to review policy, arrangements, people, manufacturing, supply chain and equipment procedures
  • Ensures measures taken to increase production have not compromised quality or worker rights
  • Where work has been subcontracted, formal controls are in place
  • Ensure that security and storage arrangements are in place
  • Ensure stock can be provided to customers in a timely manner
  • Ensure critical equipment is fully operational and the related impacts due to failure or breakdowns are controlled to limit business impact
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